Friday, November 6, 2020

Mark Webb/MKW Ventures at Flash Memory Summit

We have multiple Virtual Presentations at FMS next week. Please check them out and schedule a meeting to discuss questions and answers. We have a zoom meeting Friday 11/13/20 at 11AM Pacific time where we will add commentary and additional numbers

Our Presentations:

Session A-3: Using 3D XPoint to Overcome Storage Roadblocks 2:35 Tuesday

Mark Webb: 3D Xpoint Market Bits and Revenue

We present Rev 1 and 2* Optane/3d Xpoint technology updates and we guesstimate what some future teardowns might show. We show revenue, cost over time and why we think there will be big improvements in both SSD and Persistent memory sales in 2 years. The Market is not going to $8B but it could surpass 3B  per year in the next few years. We can discuss the information used to make those predictions after the presentation. And what are the margins on Optane looking like these days??

Session C-3: How Data Centers Can Profit from New Memory Technologies 2:35 Tuesday

Mark Webb: Annual Emerging Memory Update

We give an update on memories for the datacenters. Our focus is not on every technology. We show that using the Memory Product Lifecycle, technologies are in VERY Different positions. The lifecycle allows you to judge each technology and where it is in terms of success probability. We also make the prediction and call to action "its time to focus and spend money on EMERGED technologies and we should spend less time on the EMERGING technologies which are 5+ years from products"

Session A-4: 3D XPoint in 2025, and How We Got There 4:45 Tuesday

Live Panel Session where we field questions on what the 3D Xpoint market will look like in 2025. We will give our opinions with bit shipments and revenue and what will cause the inflection point in 2023!

Bring questions! 

Session C-9: Flash Technology Advances Lead to New Storage Capabilities 8:35 Thursday

Mark Webb: FLASH Memory Technologies and Costs through 2025

We will show the status of NAND technologies, what each company is doing, and what the roadmap looks like to 256L and beyond. We will show relative costs for each technology over time from each company.  We also show why we are seeing costs drop FASTER than originally predicted. The cost leaders will soon change and this will impact the market. We show average price compared to HDD over time and when it will crossover.... for TLC, QLC and even PLC. Spoiler alert: Nearline HDD isn't going away as fast as some NAND companies predict

There is a ton of back up data, graphs and exact numbers for these presentations. We can set up private meetings after the presentations, just call or email


We will host a public ZOOM call on Friday Nov 13th at 11AM Pacific Time. Bring questions, comments, differing opinions and disagreements. We will provide some more quantitative data on 3D XPoint technology , NAND costs, MRAM technologies. And what about Hynix???

Meeting Name: Mark Webb MKW VENTURES Post FMS Conference

Time       11AM-NOON Pacific Time 11/13/20

Meeting ID

820 7491 8873

Mark Webb

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