Monday, November 28, 2016

Business of NAND: Markets, costs, forecasts ... presentation available

I presented this presentation at FMS in August 2016. So far, the predictions are holding up...

3D NAND is growing methodically

3D Xpoint hype continues... products are getting delayed. RRAM and other competitors catching up.

SSDs are slowly encroaching in on HDDs... but we are years from SSDs outselling HDDs.

Enterprise is the best SSD application, but the volumes are relatively low so client SSDs dominate unit sales

We can make a SSD on a 16x20 BGA chip. Now we just need to get PC OEMs to adopt them. All the speed and lower cost in a space less than 1/3 the size of a small M.2

Costs, volumes, company revenues and more!

See presentation here

MKW Ventures Consulting, LLC

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