Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Micron to Abandon 3D Xpoint


Micron Abandons 3D XPoint and Plans to Sell Lehi Facility by End of Year

 Mark Webb: MKW Ventures Consulting

  •  Micron announced that they will immediately stop development on 3D XPoint. 
  • The market has not developed and the fab costs too much to keep going. 
  • Micron said they will sell Lehi facility by end of the year and have offers they are looking at.
  • Micron will supply wafer to Intel through CY 2021.
  • The Lehi Fab as tooled out is quite small. Rio Rancho site is even smaller as tooled out
  • The Lehi Fab is not a DRAM fab or a 3D NAND fab. This is part of Micron's problem

So Micron has given up on this Market and Intel states that they have not 

We will have updated on scenarios for the Lehi site and what Intel will do going forward. Contact us for more information

Mark Webb