Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Mark Webb at 2018 Flash Memory Summit

I will be at 2018 Flash Memory Summit and the Monday session of MRAM developer day with 4 presentations during the week. Call/Text to set up 1:1 meetings and discuss all the details.

Mon: MRAM Day: MRAM Memory Technology and Markets 2018-08-06 11:15AM
MRAM applications, markets, challenges, and projected revenue for next 5 years. Hint: It's a tale of two markets!!

Tues: PMEM-101-1: Advances in Persistent Memory 2018-08-07 8:30AM
what persistent memory technologies are available today and which ones will win in the future. Revenue projections for persistent memory and what milestones are required to hit them.

Tues: NEWM-102B-1: Update on Emerging Memory Technologies 2018-08-07 4:55AM
A review of  emerging memory techologies, what the pros and cons are of each and what we can expect in next 3-5 years. Cost numbers, speeds, applications for all technologies

Wed: NEWM-201A-1: 3D XPoint: Current Implementations and Future Trends 2018-08-08 8:30AM

3D Xpoint aka Intel Optane is poised to sell more GB than all other emerging memories combined. We have costs and revenue models and applications. Intel and Micron have not shown details on cycling, speed, cost, and pricing so we show a "model" of what 3D Point looks like with quantitative models for latency, endurance, applications, etc. How will those upcoming Optane DIMMS work? Plus we can discuss why Micron and Intel appear to be going separate paths very soon. You wont want to miss this!

Mark Webb

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